The Doctor and Bracewell
“I've been expecting you, Doctor. I knew that this moment had to come,” Bracewell said,

“Moment?” the Doctor asked.

“It's time to deactivate me.”

“Is it?”

“You have no choice, I'm Dalek technology. You can't have me pottering down here where I don't belong.”

“No, you're dead right Professor,” the Doctor said. “The way I see it, there are three options.”

“Three?” Amy asked.

“Yes, three,” the Doctor answered. He turned back to Bracewell. “Three options. Deactivation. Or you could stay here, but on no account are you to look for that girl.”

“Dorabella,” Bracewell said.

“Dorabella,” the Doctor said.

“And the third option?” Bracewell asked.

“All of time and space, aboard my TARDIS.”
Tokyo Mew Mew – Rejection
Minto couldn't believe it! Why wouldn't Zakuro join the Mew Mews?
Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Paradox
19 January 2377 (Standard Earth Date)
Ashalla, Third Republic of Bajor, United Federation of Planets
It was a quiet day in Bajor's capital. Jake Sisko and his wife Korena entered one of the libraries. “What are we looking for again?” Korena asked.

“More information on the immediate Pre-Occupation period,” Jake answered.

“Oh yeah.”
Star Trek – Voyager - The Seed
14 July 2377
USS Voyager NCC 74656
“Confirmed, there is an M-Class planet in the system ahead,” Harry Kim reported.

“That's good news,” Captain Janeway said. “Mr. Paris, lay in a new course.”

“Aye, Captain,” Tom Paris responded. Voyager changed course.

Ten minutes later, Voyager dropped out of warp, and entered standard orbit of the M-Class planet. Shortly afterwards, an away mission was prepared.
The First Opening
It was shortly after Ramius' defection, and also shortly after the Avalon's arrival, that the portal was discovered. It was only the first.

Washington, DC
“An Anomaly?” President Reagan asked.

8 January

Jan. 9th, 2017 06:57 pm
Church notes - 8 January 2017:

365 Beginnings of 2017 - Monsters vs. Aliens - Encounter with Esgarguantua:

Passengers preliminary review:
Monsters vs Aliens – Encounter with Esgarguantua
4 June 2009
The giant snail was moving very slowly up the Seine Valley towards Paris. It was easily shrugging off the attacks that the French military were throwing at it.

Insectosaurus flew past the Tour Eiffel. “I've always wanted to be in Paris,” Dr. Cochroach said.

“Same here,” Ginormica said. “But we have to talk to that giant snail somehow.”

“We'll figure it out,” Dr. Cochroach said.

As the American monsters approached the Snail the French forces stopped their attack. “OK, Insecto, land close to the front of the Snail,” Dr. Cochroach directed.

The giant flying grub landed near the front of the Snail, where they could see the scaled up radula tearing through the vegetation directly in front of the mouth.

“How are we going to get it's attention?” the Missing Link asked.

“Let me think about that,” Dr. Cochroach said.

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