North America
Separatism continues to increase in the future Free Territories.

South America


Estonia joins the European Union.

Transylvania passes a referendum on joining Romania, by 75%. This would take place in the next year.

Middle East
The Lebanese War of Independence continues.
Season 2 Overall
While I did like this season better than season 1, I admit that it was a mess. Deep Space Nine season 1 was more consistent and better written, with Move Along Home (and potentially If Wishes Were Horses) being the outlier(s) there. (Clearly, I did a simultaneous re-watch, so as to compare the faith storylines. Terralysium vs. Bajor, but the series diverged. One can't compare CONTROL with the Dominion.) In any case, the faith-Red Angel storyline was convoluted, to say the least. The storylines in Doctor Who series 6 were easier to follow.
Then there's what happened with Spock and his relationship with Burnham. Unlike others I don't think his character was assassinated. It was expanded. More on that later. Then there's Pike and his fate, with If Memory Serves being the highlight there (as well as the season overall) rather than Through the Valley of Shadows. It's not all about Burnham. Talking about Michael, her plotline was interesting. It was good to see her working out how the overall scenario with the Red Angel and the signals.
There is also her family issues, not just with Spock, but also with Amanda and her actual mother, Gabriel. More on that below. The Tilly/May storyline may have gone over several episodes, but it seems to have been resolved in Saints of Imperfection. Still a bit unresolved. Then from that episode, it is replaced with the Stamets/Culbur storyline, which doesn't seem that realistic, beyond Culbur's identity struggles. Trying to squeeze too much into the storylines most likely. Of course there's Section 31 and their hubris leading to the situation with Control.
(Not outlined explicitly of course, just implicitly, and possibly by mistake). There's also the Klingon storyline. Not much to say about that. Anyhow, Spock. I wasn't sure what to make of the psychopathic implications to begin with, nor the dyslexia (the latter of which was probably not accurate from a human point of view. But who knows what the interaction with Vulcan traits could cause with such a disorder.) But more importantly, he's a younger Spock, who is still maturing. And he seems to be well on the way as the series end's.
(Clearly the implication is that Kirk replaces Burnham as his balance as that particular 5 year mission goes on.) Back to Burnham. Her trying to reconnect with her mother is what drives her as time goes on. Not only does she want to defeat CONTROL, she wants to reconnect with her mother. The events of Perpetual Infinity only serve to intensify that desire. There are many unresolved plot issues (not the least of which is Number One's name, possible subtitles aside), but overall a season worth watching, just not as good as a certain series of Star Trek produced in the 1990's.
Janeway and the Red Angel
April 4, 2376

It was an ordinary day aboard Voyager. Suddenly, the ship shook. “Report,” Captain Kathryn Janeway ordered.

“Reading severe spatial distortion, like a wormhole, in the Shuttlebay,” Ensign Harry Kim reported.

“Tuvok, take a security team to the shuttlebay,” Janeway ordered.

Tuvok nodded and left the Tactical station.

“Captain?” Chakotay asked. He had his suspicion of what was happening, but wanted to know that Janeway thought it too.

Janeway turned to him and nodded. That was enough.

Tuvok, entered the Shuttlebay, phaser drawn. He didn't see anything, just two of the shuttles and the Delta Flyer. The phenomenon had vanished. “I know you're there,” he said.

A human woman, wearing some kind of strange suit walked out from behind one of the shuttles. “I'm Gabriel Burnham, I want to talk to Captain Kathryn Janeway.”

Tuvok escorted Gabriel Burnham into the ready room and left. Janeway had already called up all the information she thought she would need. “Dr. Burnham. I know why you're here.”

“Do you?”

“Yes. And no, I'm not deleting the Doctor.”

“So, you're aware of the danger?”

“Every Starfleet Captain is.”
May 1976
More metahumans emerge (including Telekinetics).

May 3, 1976
Henrietta Rock, getting used to her new situation transforms once more back into Henry. Henry regains his previous height. Once again, Henry reports comfort in both genders.

May 6, 1976
In Norwich, England, Samuel Barton, a student at the University of East Anglia discovers that he can use telekinesis.

May 18, 1976:
Having purchased a house in a Philadelphia suburb, the Langleys leave Winchester.

June 1, 1976
Henry becomes Henrietta once more. Henry/Henrietta also begins noticing an increase in strength and physical capability beyond what should be humanely reasonable. S/he also begins noticing a general rise in their intelligence and that they heal at an increased rate - with one broken bone resetting within an hour.

June 2, 1976 )
Futur-aria (Daria/Futurama fusion) Snippets
Snippet 1:
(from episode 1: Lawndale 3000)
Lawndale, Maryland, United States of America
December 31, 2000

The room was empty when Daria Morgendorffer entered, carrying a pizza. “Delivery for IC Wiener?” she asked. There was no answer. All she saw were the cryogenics tubes. Many of the tubes were open.
She called out again. There was still no answer. She looked at her watch. 11:57. 2 minutes before the 30 minutes limit for Panouchi’s Pizza Palace ‘30 minutes, or it is free’ policy expired, 3 minutes before the New Millennium started in Lawndale. “If IC Wiener is not here before 11:59, I may as well eat the pizza myself,” she said. There was still no answer. She went over to a table near one of the open tubes and put the pizza and the note with IC Wiener, Applied Cryogenics, 10A/1000 Dega Street on it on the table.
She sat in the only chair, in front of the tube. After the time had expired she opened the pizza and started counting down...
As her watch approached midnight she grabbed a slice from the pizza.
23:59:50 31/12/00
Daria took a bite from the slice of pizza, chewed and swallowed. It tasted better than she thought.
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The Student of the Doctor
It was unusual, the Doctor thought as he set the TARDIS in motion. Usually those who travelled with him told him their names. This latest one hadn't yet. “So,” he said. He paused, waiting for his companion to volunteer her name. After a few seconds he added. “So, where would you like to go?”

“Isn't it obvious?” She asked.

The Doctor knew what that meant. “The future it is.” he changed the coordinates.

She exited the larger-on-the-inside box. She looked around. The ship had landed on top of a large building. The wind was blowing hard, her braids trailing to the side.
An hour later, the senior squirrel arrived at a large oak tree in a small forest just to the west of Lawndale’s suburban fringe. A large group of squirrels appeared from behind nearby vegetation.
“Password?” a large gruff squirrel asked. The new arrival gave the password he had been given, and then was escorted into a tunnel that lead into the large tree’s root system.
A minute later he was up in the canopy of the tree. This was the heart of the Varmittan Empire, the squirrel polity that dominated the area around Lawndale.

“Report, Captain Jaywi,” said the commander of the Varmittan forces.
“A Non-Normative Event has occurred at Lawndale High School,” Captain Jaywi said, repeating the high pitched impression of Ms Li from earlier.
The Commander of the Varmittan forces remembered Edict 004 ‘All Non-Normative Events are to be reported to the Emperor’ and so allowed Captain Jaywi audience with the Emperor.
Captain Jaywi reported the events at Lawndale High as he had heard from his two patrol officers and his orders to the same. The Emperor was then in thought.
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Part 2: The Doofenshmirtz Plan
Whilst Candace was taking a taxi to the Morgendorffer’s house another visitor from Danville was entering Lawndale. However this visitor wasn’t human. It was a large robot man. “Hi, I’m Norm!” it said as it strolled along the highway from the river crossing. “The Enemy of the Platypus is Man!” Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtzhad constructed him to combat his nemesis, Perry the Platypus.
15 minutes later Norm strolled up to a large beige coloured house.
He then scanned the house for his objective. ‘5 humans, 1 cat detected’ reported the sensors. He narrowed the sensors down. ‘Teenager detected. Location: upstairs bedroom’. Norm then walked towards the front door.
Sam and Chris Griffin were fighting for control of the TV remote when they heard a strange knocking at the front door. They went over and opened it. What they saw frightened them, a large robot. “You don’t suppose that Phineas...” Chris started.
“No, it isn’t their style,” Sam interrupted, before being interrupted by;
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March 1976
First Contact – Densho at Del Mar, California.

More metahumans emerge.

March 1, 1976:
Jenna Langley, having spent most of the past month at her friend, Marina Neverton’s bedside, suddenly experiences precognitive visions of Marina defending the town (Winchester) against some threat...

The Australian Army secures a meteor from the Lamington National Park.

March 2, 1976
Vanderbilt decides to cooperate with the police when it comes to fighting crime.

It is estimated that there are 50 metahumans in Wellington, New Zealand.

March 3, 1976 )
After years of agitation by separatists, an independence referendum is held in Norway in February. The result is 62% in favour of independence, leading to the nation's secession from the United Kingdom in May. However, the real controversy was whether the nation could remain a member of the European Union after seceding from an EU member.
This was ultimately vetoed by the Spanish Government, which had no wish for Catalonian and Basque separatists to be emboldened by a seceding region of another EU member remaining a member.

Spain doesn't recognise Norway as independent until December.

With Norway gone, Westminster passes legislation to change the name of the Union from United Kingdom of Greater Britannia and the Northlands to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Similarly, the Norwegian cross is removed from the Union Flag.
Federal Election called
Federal election 2019: Prime Minister Scott Morrison sets May 18 election date: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-11/prime-minister-scott-morrison-calls-federal-election-may-18/10991614

Federal Election 2019 LIVE: Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten kick off campaigns for May 18 election: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/federal-election-2019-live-prime-minister-scott-morrison-calls-election-for-may-18-20190404-p51ayx.html

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