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2nd April 2017
Psalm 51
A Lightbulb moment for David.
Background - David had committed adultery with Bathsheba and had Uriah killed. (2 Samuel 11. 12)
God - He is the same today, yesterday and forever
David recognised this. He threw himself on the LORD's covenental love, His steadfast love. He had recognised God's heart.
- Sees that he has a repentant heart.
- His sin was against God
- So it is with us. Our sin is against God.
Reconciliation - It needs to happen, but verbal repentance is necessary. Spoken words have power.
He needed to be purified of the sin he had. Old Testament Law.
But there is a difference - There is no high priest. God is holding the hyssop.
David recognised that we should have a heart of praise. This lead to a heart of truth - that the Law wasn't enough for Salvation. He recognised that God didn't want empty religion. That He was looking at the heart.

He was after a broken, contrite heart

Luke 21:1-4
Jesus recognised that the poor widow gave much more than the rich rulers.

We need a lightbulb moment.
- A heart of repentance.
- A heart of praise (Nothing can separate you from the love of a steadfast God)
- A heart of truth

1 Corinthians 11:27 - 32
We need to examine ourselves, and bring those sins to the cross.

We need a heart of worship - A heart overflowing with everything God has done for you. It is not about going through the motions.

9th April
Palm Sunday
Revelation 5
Worthy is the Lamb
Jesus' claims - He is the Son of God.
A cycle of backsliding - How to keep Him front and centre?
We should continue to seek Him and renew our minds (Romans 12).
John - exiled to Patmos at a time when the Romans were ramping up their persecution of Christians. He wanted to know what was ahead.
vs 5 - The Lion of Judah
vs 6 - The Lamb who was Slain
- This is how he answered sin and death.
'The devil swallowed up Christ. as the whale did Jonah, but it was deadly poison to him. He gave him a mortal wound in his own bowls. He was soon sick of his own morsel, and was soon obliged to do as the whale did by Jonah. To this day he is heart sick of what he then swallowed as his prey.' - Jonathan Edwards.
Jesus proved Himself worthy to control history.
vs 9 - 12
Through what He did, Jesus is in total control now.

Only two responses
- Disbelief
- Worship

It's not just a picture of heaven.


16th April
Easter Sunday

John 1:1 - 13

- overpowers darkness
- but it can be blocked out.
We need to change the environment to allow God's light into all parts of our lives.
The Gospel - Jesus died for our sins and rose again. This has a solid foundation of fact.

We celebrate the resurrection every Easter Sunday. Most people have a vague idea of the afterlife.

An American Survey.
70% believe in heaven
35% believe in hell.

If your idea of life after death is vague, your hope is also vague.

We don't have a vague hope. We have a concrete hope. No matter what happens in the world (with Syria, North Korea, or elsewhere) we have a hope.

Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection changed everything.

John 11:25, 26

The Cross has redefined death. What happens after death is the core of Christianity. We die differently. We die in hope. Jesus has defeated death.

1 Corinthians 15

Our lives have eternal consequences, because of what Jesus has done.

We need to do the same as Paul.

We need to let our light shine in the darkness.

23 April 2017
Colossians 1:15 - 20
John 20:30, 31
Acts 4:12

Seven Claims of Jesus
John 20:31
Exclusive Truths - Society believes that they risk breaking the social cohesian.
A significant collision between the Gospel of John and the beliefs of modern day society.

John wrote his Gospel so that we would believe in Jesus and what He has done.
1. Do you believe in Jesus?
2. Do you have confidence in Eternal Life?

7 Claims

I am the Bread of Life
John 6:35

A spiritual thirsting - that is sated by Salvation (Justification).
Jesus' bread is completely different to the mana that sustained the Israelites in the wilderness.

I am the Light of the World
John 8:12
In Jesus is light - the darkness cannot overcome it.
Jesus is the inexhaustible source.
To Follow Him - Following Him -Following the lighted path.

I Am the Gate
John 10:7
the Shepherds were the access to the sheep.
Jesus offers access to safety and security.

I am the Good Shepherd
John 10:11
Jesus is committed to love and to lay down His life for us.

I am the Resurrection and the Life
John 11:25, 26

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
John 14:6
Jesus is the absolute truth.

He is the only way.

I am the true vine
John 15:1
The source of vitality. A relationship belonging to the Father.
The branches are useless (and cannot bear fruit) if they aren't connected to the vine.
He wants us to have a sense of security in Eternal Life

We are on a collision course with the tolerant culture of today. We need to have confidence in our faith.

30 April 2017
'The Word'
John 1:1 - 18
Words have incredible power.
God called the universe into being by words.
Word Gr. Logos - an independent expression of God's personality.
- not an empty word.
- God Himself
- The Full Expression of the Father
What does God have to say? - Look at Jesus
Creation was delegated to Him.

Jehovah's Witnesses
Mistranslation of verse 1, such that they misconstrue that Jesus is not unique (and therefore not qualified to be the Saviour). Hence, their idea of being saved by works! (Knocking on doors).

The Truth - It is all Jesus.
- He is fully Divine, and qualified to be our Saviour.
vs 10 -13
If you see something of value in Jesus, grab hold of Him and be saved.

We are His children. We have an authority to be his children.

Philippians 2:5-8

- Totally unique
- Qualified to be the Saviour
- Absolute love

vs 18
Jesus - He says He is the expression of God.

1. Jesus is fully Divine. He is God (1:1).
2. Jesus is the full expression of God the Father (1:1).
3. Jesus is not a created being, rather He was delegated the task of Creation. (1:2-3)
4. Jesus is the source of life and truth for mankind.
5. Those who believe and receive Jesus have the 'authority' to be called God's children (1:12)
6. Jesus (the word) became human (flesh) and lived with human beings (1:14)

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