1.2 Ateles geoffrei
24 July 2018
It was bright and sunny when Topher arrived at the Black Handed Spider Monkey Exhibit. Unlike the lemurs, the Spider Monkeys were on display. “Now I'm ready,” he said. He took the camcorder out of the bag. “These are the Black Handed Spider Monkeys, from Central America. As you can see, they have prehensile tails, which can be used like an extra hand. The tip has similar dexterity to a finger.”
1.1 Ringtailed Lemurs
22 July 2018
Topher again arrived at the Lemur exhibit. Were the lemurs actually going to come out this time, or were they there at all? He decided to wait a while, and to look at the exhibit from different angles.
1 Ringtailed Lemurs
20 July 2018
There was a light shower when Topher arrived at the Ringtailed Lemur exhibit. The lemurs were nowhere to be seen. “Well, not much I can do,” he said. He took a couple of photos of the exhibit anyway.

'How long to wait?' he wondered after a few more minutes. He was in his lunch break.

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