Twenty-fifth Hour
Wade Welles (Sliders)
Wade awoke. She looked around. The last thing she remembered, was that she and her friends had just arrived on yet another Earth. She looked around for them. “Quinn? Professor? Rembrandt?” There was no response. The corridor looked like it would be on some kind of ship from Star Trek: The Next Generation (the version from Earth Prime, that is). She looked again, her friends were nowhere to be seen. A little concerning, given that she didn't have the Timer. She didn't want to get stuck on whichever Earth this was.
She started walking down the corridor.

“Intruder Alert! Deck 2, Section 4,” the computer said on the Bridge.

“Magneto, you and Weatherwax shall meet the newcomer and bring her to the Bridge,” Sisko directed.

“Understood, Captain,” the Mutant said.

Wade knew that she had gone around in circles. Wheever it was, it was small. “Maybe I should try to open one of the doors,” she considered.

“Hello?” it was an older man. Much older than the Professor, at any rate.

Wade turned and saw two older people. “Hi, have you seen three men, come this way?”

“Three men?” the man asked, “I'm afraid that the three people you may be looking for aren't here.”

“Why not?” Wade asked.

“It will take some time to explain,” the older woman said. There was something about her that put Wade on edge.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Let's just say that you are in a completely different place than you were before,” the man said.

“That's what usually been happening,” Wade stated. “You wouldn't believe what my friends and I have been up to?”
21 X-Men Days of Future Past
Rewatch. An film based on an X-Men comics storyline. In the future, Mutants and those humans who help them are hunted by Sentinels, which can adapt to any situation, including Mutant powers. An audacious plan is made to send someone back to 1973 to prevent the assassination of the man who invented the prototypes. Therefore Wolverine is sent back to gain the help of Professor Xavier and Magento to prevent the assassination. But in the future, the Sentinels are still coming. Therefore it's a race against time, in more ways then one.
The character of Wolverine has come full circle, in that in the first two films it was Xavier who helped Logan face his past and move on from it. Now it's Logan who helps Charles move on, so that the future can change. This was presented really well. The continuation of the storyline from First Class is also good, the relationship between the younger Professor Xavier amd Magneto is developed further. 9/10.
16 The Wolverine
The second film in the X-Men Cinematic Universe focusing on Logan/Wolverine. (It doesn't rely upon X-Men: Origins Wolverine, but has more influences from The Last Stand). Logan has been living in the Canadian wilderness for years since the events surrounding the Battle of Alcatraz. This is where a young Japanese woman finds him. Going to Japan, he is drawn into a struggle of various factions instigated by the plotting of a man he saved during the bombing of Nagasaki. He finds himself challenged like never before.
An interesting look at Logan as he deals with the situation with the Yashida clan, and the effects that it has on him, and the other people involved. The other characters, Yukio and Mariko especially, are well written. It is also a good look at some aspects of Japanese culture.
15 X-Men: First Class
Prequel to the X-Men trilogy and 5th film overall in the X-Men Cinematic Universe. As the world hurtles towards the Cuban Missile Crisis, various factions of mutants find themselves on opposite sides. One is exacerbating the tensions between the United States and the Soviets, while another, lead by Charles Xavier, wants to prevent nuclear war. There are many different aspects and plotlines to this film. The faction of mutants lead by Sebastian Shaw, provide an easily believable threat as he easily manipulates the superpowers.
Xavier's search for other mutants with the help of the CIA, is also well written (including one memorable scene). The climax of the film is also well written. The way that the new X-men respond to the problems that come up is well presented. 8.5/10.
11 X- Men The Last Stand
Rewatch. The third movie based on the Marvel X-Men comics. A pharmaceutical company has developed a 'cure' for 'being a mutant'. Magneto takes advantage of the unrest that this causes to gain followers in order to combat the problem at it's source. A good look at the problems that the revelation of such a 'cure' would cause. But it's not as good as the previous outings. 8/10.
10 X-Men 2
Rewatch. The second movie based on the Marvel X-Men comics. The existence of Mutants is still a contentious issue. A military scientist plots to destroy them. Various events occur as the X-Men and Magneto team up to stop him. An interesting look at the lengths that some would go to deal with a real or perceived threat. It is as good as the previous outing. 8.5/10.
9 X-Men (2000)
Rewatch. A movie based on the Marvel X-Men comics. Mutants are everywhere and there are individuals in the United States government who would want to control them. An interesting beginning to the X-Men series as we meet Rogue and Wolverine who are drawn into the fight between different Mutant factions. 8.5/10.

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