Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Paradox
19 January 2377 (Standard Earth Date)
Ashalla, Third Republic of Bajor, United Federation of Planets
It was a quiet day in Bajor's capital. Jake Sisko and his wife Korena entered one of the libraries. “What are we looking for again?” Korena asked.

“More information on the immediate Pre-Occupation period,” Jake answered.

“Oh yeah.”
Star Trek – Voyager – The Unit
USS Voyager NCC 74656
--- VOY ---
Unusual Energy Reading Detected.

“An unsual energy reading has been detected ahead,” Ensign Harry Kim reported.

“What kind of reading?” Captain Janeway asked.

“I'm incertain. It is intermittant,” Ensign Kim said.

“Increase scans, Mr. Kim,” Janeway ordered.

“Aye, Captain.”

Ahead of Voyager, a ship lay in space, inert. But it would stay that way for long. It's passive sensors picked up the active scan from the Starfleet ship...
Star Trek – Voyager - The Seed
14 July 2377
USS Voyager NCC 74656
“Confirmed, there is an M-Class planet in the system ahead,” Harry Kim reported.

“That's good news,” Captain Janeway said. “Mr. Paris, lay in a new course.”

“Aye, Captain,” Tom Paris responded. Voyager changed course.

Ten minutes later, Voyager dropped out of warp, and entered standard orbit of the M-Class planet. Shortly afterwards, an away mission was prepared.

Excerpt from: Back to the Future- The Adventure Continues
“Really?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes. Somewhere, here in Hill Valley, but he doesn't specify where.”


Words: 18

Excerpt from: Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Paradox
19 January 2377 (Standard Earth Date)
Ashalla, Third Republic of Bajor, United Federation of Planets
It was a quiet day in Bajor's capital.

Words: 23

Excerpt from: Tales of Oxley
Saturday, 25 February 2017
Corrine arrived at the Church.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017
Leigh exited the supermarket.

Words: 17

Total: 58
Star Trek Beyond
Rewatch. The original rating holds up. Expanded review to come. 8.5/10.
Twenty-fifth Hour
Wade Welles (Sliders)
Wade awoke. She looked around. The last thing she remembered, was that she and her friends had just arrived on yet another Earth. She looked around for them. “Quinn? Professor? Rembrandt?” There was no response. The corridor looked like it would be on some kind of ship from Star Trek: The Next Generation (the version from Earth Prime, that is). She looked again, her friends were nowhere to be seen. A little concerning, given that she didn't have the Timer. She didn't want to get stuck on whichever Earth this was.
She started walking down the corridor.

“Intruder Alert! Deck 2, Section 4,” the computer said on the Bridge.

“Magneto, you and Weatherwax shall meet the newcomer and bring her to the Bridge,” Sisko directed.

“Understood, Captain,” the Mutant said.

Wade knew that she had gone around in circles. Wheever it was, it was small. “Maybe I should try to open one of the doors,” she considered.

“Hello?” it was an older man. Much older than the Professor, at any rate.

Wade turned and saw two older people. “Hi, have you seen three men, come this way?”

“Three men?” the man asked, “I'm afraid that the three people you may be looking for aren't here.”

“Why not?” Wade asked.

“It will take some time to explain,” the older woman said. There was something about her that put Wade on edge.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Let's just say that you are in a completely different place than you were before,” the man said.

“That's what usually been happening,” Wade stated. “You wouldn't believe what my friends and I have been up to?”

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