Beauty and the Beast (2017) (Preliminary)
The Tale as old as time... Based on a fairy tale, but also on the 1991 animated movie, which it is very similar to. The story of a Prince who was cursed to become a Beast, and the young woman who is destined to break that curse (although the role that destiny plays in this story is uncertain). The story of the romance/courtship between the Beast and the young woman is expanded from the 1991 film, but I see that the (relative) simplicity of that film makes it more likeable. However, that doesn't take away from my recommendation for this film.
Aspects of the story are changed, but these aren't too drastic, and serve to further develop the characters (Beast and Belle in particular) and to make the story more interesting and thought provoking. 8.75/10.
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Hidden Figures (Preliminary)
A movie based on real events at NASA in the early 1960, during the early stages of the Space Race. It is primarily about three female African American mathematicians (or 'computers') who had to deal with the prejudices typical of the era while also helping to come up with the mathematics required for space travel.This is a really good film. Although there are some dramaticisations, it is overall rather well presented. All three of the main actors did a very good job in portraying these real life characters.
The other characters in the film also well portrayed (including John Glenn). This is one movie I would recommend anyone to see. 9.5/10.
Sing (Preliminary)
A movie set in a world of sentient animals, about a theatre manager who is trying to survive hard times, and the way he goes about it. It is also about those who he chooses to participate in the singing competition he sets up as a way to save the theatre, and the trials and tribulations they go through as they prepare for that competition. This is a well written movie, and the voice actors gave it all in their roles, making the storyline quite believable. The individual problems that each of the characters have are all well realised.
This is certainly a film that I would recommend to anyone, even if they don't usually like 'talking animal films'. 9/10.

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Passengers (Preliminary)
An interesting film set on an interstellar colony ship. One with a moral ambiguity that is quite thought provoking. Would you do something similar if you were in such a situation? I am certain a about a few things. First, that the Avalon's design is rather stunning (both inside and out), any such ship built in the future would have a more utilitarian design (on the outside). Second, that Pratt's acting sells the fact that this guy has been on his own for a long time. And Third, that Lawrence's acting is similarly as good, that it is easily to believe that her character is going through what she's going through.
Although it's not without controversy, I would recommend this film to anyone. 8/10.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Preliminary)\
(Note: Watched before Christmas)
Spoilers )
The thirteenth Star Trek film. The third set in the 'Kelvin Timeline'. An improvement on the previous two outings. Justin Lin gets Trek more than Abrams did. 8.5/10.
The sequel to Finding Nemo. Dory goes on a search when she remembers something from her past. A really affirming tale for those who have limitations. 8/10.
Ice Age Collision Course (Preliminary)
The fifth Ice Age movie. An interesting expansion of the Ice Age story, with a great sense of danger and existential angst throughout. 8.5/10.

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