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Back to the Future – The Adventure Continues
Hill Valley, California
26 November 1985 (Eastwood Timeline)
Jennifer Parker knocked on the door. “Marty?” she called out.

The door opened. It was her boyfriend's mother, Lorraine. “Marty, Jennifer is here,” she called out. “He'll be here in a minute.”

“Cool,” Jennifer said.

A minute later, Marty arrived. “Hi, Jen,” he said. They kissed.

“So, what's up?” Jennifer asked.

In Marty's room, he opened a large package. “I have been going through the Doc's stuff he had sent me after we saw him and his family.”

“Is it a lot?” Jennifer asked.

“There is quite a lot,” Marty answered. “But what is interesting, is that there may be another DeLorean somewhere.”

“Really?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes. Somewhere, here in Hill Valley, but he doesn't specify where.”


Excerpt from: Back to the Future- The Adventure Continues
“Really?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes. Somewhere, here in Hill Valley, but he doesn't specify where.”


Words: 18

Excerpt from: Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Paradox
19 January 2377 (Standard Earth Date)
Ashalla, Third Republic of Bajor, United Federation of Planets
It was a quiet day in Bajor's capital.

Words: 23

Excerpt from: Tales of Oxley
Saturday, 25 February 2017
Corrine arrived at the Church.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017
Leigh exited the supermarket.

Words: 17

Total: 58
A delayed review (by over a month)

39. Back to the Future Part 3
Starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Seamus McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmett Brown, Mary Steenbergen as Clara Clayton and Thomas F. Wilson as Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen and Biff Tannen. The conclusion to the Back to the Future saga, in which Marty McFly has to go back to the old west to rescue Doc Brown from an untimely fate. After the conclusion of the previous film, Marty finds himself stuck in 1955 without the DeLorean. However, Doc Brown has hidden the DeLorean in the past, so Marty can find it.
It is in the process of the recovery of the DeLorean that Marty and 55' Doc Brown discover future Doc Brown's fate. This whole sequence is well done. As is the sequence in which Marty goes back to 1885. The rest of the film is also good. The twists on the usual western tropes are particularly fun. However, the fact that Doc and Clara fall in love so fast (and it's implied that the same happened with Marty in Jennifer), without the Florence Nightingale effect, doesn't seem that believable (but that has been my experience).
Thomas F. Wilson continues to steal the spotlight as the outlaw 'Mad Dog' Tannen. A short tempered, opportunistic bully, the ways in which he antagonises, Doc Brown and especially Marty are quite believable. The way Marty grows from his experience in 1885 (and is able to avoid the car accident) is also well written. Doc Brown's final message at the end of the film one that should be remembered. 8.5/10.
36 Back to the Future Part II
Starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Martin McFly Jr. and Marlene McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmett Brown, Lea Thompson as two version of Lorraine Baines McFly (Tannen!) and Thomas F. Wilson as various versions of Biff Tannen and Griff Tannen. The story of how Marty McFly and Doc Brown have to fix a change in the timeline after a trip to the future goes horribly wrong. Michael J. Fox continues to portray Marty McFly as well as in the previous film, as the boy out of his depth in a strangely changed world.
The same with Christopher Lloyd, Doc Brown is much the same, very cautious about changing the timeline, and very pragmatic when it comes to trying to change it back.Thomas F. Wilson continues to be great as the now villainous Biff Tannen, who has used the information from the future to become powerful and corrupt. Lea Thompson also portrays the alternate timeline version of Lorraine in a believable way. The version of Hill Valley in the alternate timeline is also well desgined.
However, the scenes where Marty encounters his alternate mother can be disturbing to younger viewers, but it is well done overall. (The way that Biff treats her is obviously not the way that women should be treated. However that caveat does not detract from the experience of watching the movie overall. Well worth rewatching. 8/10.
35 Back to the Future
Starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmett Brown, Lea Thompson as Lorraine Baines McFly, Crispin Glover as George McFly and Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen. The first film in the Back to the Future trilogy. The story of how 1980's teenager Marty McFly has to deal with living in 1955 and meeting his parents as teenagers after a time travel experiment goes wrong. Michael J. Fox does great as fish-out-of-water Marty as he meets his parents in the past, and then have to deal with getting them together.
Christopher Lloyd is also good as both versions of Doctor Emmett Brown, as he deals with the mysterious boy from the future, and has to figure out how to return him to 1985. Thomas F. Wilson is good as the school bully who has to deal with the mysterious 'Calvin Klien' who's getting in on his turf, as it were (and as George's bossy supervisor in the original 1985). Crispin Glover portrays the nerdy, unconfident George McFly in a way that is not giving a disservice to people who are like that.
However, some parts haven't aged well, like the way Lorraine is treated, first by Marty, then by Biff! While Marty was only going to pretend, Biff certainly was going to go through with it if George hadn't gained the courage to interfere the way he did. However, that aside, it is a movie well worth the rewatching. 8.5/10.

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