Feb. 22nd, 2017

Hidden Figures (Preliminary)
A movie based on real events at NASA in the early 1960, during the early stages of the Space Race. It is primarily about three female African American mathematicians (or 'computers') who had to deal with the prejudices typical of the era while also helping to come up with the mathematics required for space travel.This is a really good film. Although there are some dramaticisations, it is overall rather well presented. All three of the main actors did a very good job in portraying these real life characters.
The other characters in the film also well portrayed (including John Glenn). This is one movie I would recommend anyone to see. 9.5/10.
1.2 Ateles geoffrei
24 July 2018
It was bright and sunny when Topher arrived at the Black Handed Spider Monkey Exhibit. Unlike the lemurs, the Spider Monkeys were on display. “Now I'm ready,” he said. He took the camcorder out of the bag. “These are the Black Handed Spider Monkeys, from Central America. As you can see, they have prehensile tails, which can be used like an extra hand. The tip has similar dexterity to a finger.”

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