Jan. 24th, 2017

Chronicles of Time Ghosts in the Machine (Version 1)
16 January 3010
Space Station Armidale
Danica Sirius saw the time vehicle arrive. She ran up to it as the occupant stepped out. “Daniel,” she said.

“Hello to you to,” Daniel said as he closed the time vehicle door. He looked around the docking bay. “Is there a problem with the power? I have been further along then now, the station should be fine.”

That was only slightly reassurring, her databases and those of the station had records of hundreds of incidences where the actions of time travellers had changed the course of events. “You know that the timeline has been changed before,” she said.

“I know,” Daniel said, with a contrite look. Danica knew that he had caused some of those divergences.

“Yes, there is a problem on the station, draining the power. The cloak is close to failing,” she said. The cloaking device hid the station from the world below, which was still recovering from the Collapse in the 24th Century.

“That doesn't sound good,” Daniel said. “Let's get to the Situation Room.”

Daniel Stanton knew the outline of history after the Collapse. Earth in this period was mostly Iron Age, with small industrial societies here and there. If the cloaking device failed, there would only be two that could take advantage of that fact immediately. Two too many. “We need to find the source of the drain,” he said as he and Danica entered the Situation Room.

Danica made a gesture and a holographic schematic of the Station appeared above the table in the middle of the room. “As you can see, nearly every power source is running.” Danica said.

Daniel could see that the fusion reactors were all running at full tilt, and that the antimatter reactor was on full standby. All the auxillary fuel cells were running over capacity. It was a strain on the Station's aging infrastructure. “How long has this been going on?”

“Just today,” Danica answered.

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