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Series Finale Two Part review

The season finale, both as an example of science fiction, and as a Doctor Who story works, better than the 'Monks Trilogy'. There are many elements common to both stories within this finale. Overall themes, and character development. For instance, desperation, and the efforts that both individuals and societies go to as a result of that emotion. For instance, the descendents of the Mondasian human crewmembers on Floor 1056 eventually upgrading themselves into Cybermen, and Jorj's reaction to Bill's presence on the Bridge.
This also extends to the inhabitants of Floor 507, as they do what they must against the proto-Cybermen that were coming for their children. It also extends to the Doctor, as he tries to come up with a plan that would stop the Cybermen, and is later desperate to stop the inevitable regeneration. And the Saxon Master is also desperate to stop his future self from becoming good. Bill also is desperate to hold onto her identity despite what happens to her. All of this desperation is very well presented.
There certainly isn't an overload of it, and it obviously isn't the only emotion present. There's also fear. Fear of the Cybermen. Fear of regeneration, fear of what one has become. Anger: Bill's presentation of this was well done. And last but not least, hope. A misplaced hope on the part of the society on Floor 1056, but also the hope that Nardole and the kids from 507 would survive on Floor 502. On to the characters, specifically to the two incarnations of the Master. Missy continued redemption was done very well.
But the more interesting characterisation is that of the Saxon Master. It is consistent with how he was portrayed in Series 3. The way he manipulated the Mondasian society and Bill is reminicent of how he manipulated Britain and the Doctor, Captain Jack and Martha in that previous storyline. His role as Mr. Razor was subtely offputting. In fact the name could be seen as a hint. It's very close to Saxon. The Master must like these two syllable pseudonyms... In any case, Simm did a very good job in both episodes.
The Doctor's development was also done well, even if the development of him not wanting to regenerate seems to come out of nowhere. Him wanting Missy to be good continues and he wants both Masters to help against the Cybermen. That part was done well, as was his reaction to what happened to Bill. Bill's experience was developed well across the episodes. Her reaction to the hospital and the patients therin, is reflected with her reaction to what she had become. More directly, her waking in the barn is like the previous waking in the hospital.
There is not much to say about Nardole's role in the episode that hadn't been said earlier. However, what happens to Jorj isn't stated. (Other than him possibly waking up and then seeing the TARDIS dematerialise as Heather flies it away...) Overall this is an effective conclusion to the series. 9/10.
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