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7 May
'A Wedding in Cana'
John 2:1 - 11
The Disciples hadn't comitted yet.

John 21:25

Weddings - a very big celebration.
People were yearning for more.
Jesus was saying that the old system is replaced.

vs 8
Grace is there in abundance.
- But there is a dilemma for a strict Jew - no water for cleansing.
God was doing something new!
The water of Judaism - The wine of Christianity

Thus Jesus revealed His glory.
- His diciples put their faith in Him.
- He had revealed a new way forward
- It inspires faith. It certainly did for the disciples.
vs 11
A growing understanding of Jesus and who he is.
We need to have the same sense of growth.
Not just a routine
We need to be open to what God is doing.
- Behaviour - the Law was totally inadquate
- Genuine change is needed.
God's Grace - It has substance. One Sacrifice. Real Forgiveness.

2 Corinthians 5:17

14th May
Mothers Day
Genesis 2:18 - 23
Eve is the crown of creation. His final touch.

Duke, Broqq
1 Samuel

John 3:1 - 21
- He had everything that seemed to be valued
- Sought Jesus by night
- A success by the standards of the culture of the time
- Impoverished in his heart
Hollywood - the centre of the modern variety - Stars have everything, yet drug abuse is very high.
- Emptiness, self doubt
One can appear to have it all together, and yet feel lost inside.
vs 3
Jesus says that doubts should be there.

Matthew 5:3
The poor in spirit - They know that they need to change.

We need to have a radical change
Being born again - we should have a radical change in our thinking.

Nicodemus was questioning the possibility of change.
You can't change by your own strength.
The Spirit was sent for this purpose.
vs 14 - 18
The demonstration of God's love. The object of His love is all of humanity. A broad, generous love. A love that's self giving.

John 17:39 - 40
A picture of a most unlikely victory. Nicodemus' life was changed.

21st May
Josh + Ali Reeve - Outreach to Albania
Highly Islamic - legacy of the Ottoman Empire
Formerly Communist
60% Islamic
10% Catholic
7% Eastern Orthodox
2.5% Athiest
The care for those with disabilities is rather terrible (due to superstition)

What they'll be doing.
1. Evangelism and Church-Building
2. Disability Ministry

Acts 15:1 - 29
A passage where the Grace of God was made explicit.
The fundamental problem has always been sin.
vs 1
Circumicision - Paul and Barnabas objected
vs 5
The Pharisees went to keep the Law.

Salvation is from God
vs 7, 8
vs 12
God had taken the initative to reach out to the Gentiles.

vs 16 - 18
It was always God's plan.
There are no distinctions in the Church
vs 7
There are only those who have faith in Jesus
Despite whatever divisions we put up, there are no divisions in God.

Salvation is Free
vs 7
It is from God.
Jesus kept the Law for us. Keeping the law is a yoke we cannot bear.
Law Keeping - doesn't need to refer to God (If we are saved by our morality, we don't need Jesus)

Salvation is worked out in Community
vs 29
It's not a matter of salvation. It's a matter of wisdom.
Living in a way that values the other person.
(e.g. Having a Dry Wedding when a guest is a Recovering Alcoholic)

Is your life centred around the saving grace of Jesus?

28th May
A Day of Hope
50 years since the 1967 referendum on Aboriginal rights.

Having a goal in Christ
Hebrews 11
They had a goal to move towards.

Forgiveness - very powerful.
Amos 2:6 - 16
He was showing Israel what was happening in their nation.

We need to ask Him, where we need to reconcile.

Psalm 133

All people are one in Christ - no matter what their skin colour!

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