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The Sermon notes from 30 April 2017 without those from the rest of the month.

John 1:1 - 18
Words have incredible power.
God called the universe into being by words.
Word Gr. Logos - an independent expression of God's personality.
- not an empty word.
- God Himself
- The Full Expression of the Father
What does God have to say? - Look at Jesus
Creation was delegated to Him.

Jehovah's Witnesses
Mistranslation of verse 1, such that they misconstrue that Jesus is not unique (and therefore not qualified to be the Saviour). Hence, their idea of being saved by works! (Knocking on doors).

The Truth - It is all Jesus.
- He is fully Divine, and qualified to be our Saviour.
vs 10 -13
If you see something of value in Jesus, grab hold of Him and be saved.

We are His children. We have an authority to be his children.

Philippians 2:5-8

- Totally unique
- Qualified to be the Saviour
- Absolute love

vs 18
Jesus - He says He is the expression of God.

1. Jesus is fully Divine. He is God (1:1).
2. Jesus is the full expression of God the Father (1:1).
3. Jesus is not a created being, rather He was delegated the task of Creation. (1:2-3)
4. Jesus is the source of life and truth for mankind.
5. Those who believe and receive Jesus have the 'authority' to be called God's children (1:12)
6. Jesus (the word) became human (flesh) and lived with human beings (1:14)

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