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16th April

John 1:1 - 13

- overpowers darkness
- but it can be blocked out.
We need to change the environment to allow God's light into all parts of our lives.
The Gospel - Jesus died for our sins and rose again. This has a solid foundation of fact.

We celebrate the resurrection every Easter Sunday. Most people have a vague idea of the afterlife.

An American Survey.
70% believe in heaven
35% believe in hell.

If your idea of life after death is vague, your hope is also vague.

We don't have a vague hope. We have a concrete hope. No matter what happens in the world (with Syria, North Korea, or elsewhere) we have a hope.

Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection changed everything.

John 11:25, 26

The Cross has redefined death. What happens after death is the core of Christianity. We die differently. We die in hope. Jesus has defeated death.

1 Corinthians 15

Our lives have eternal consequences, because of what Jesus has done.

We need to do the same as Paul.

We need to let our light shine in the darkness.

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