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9th April

Revelation 5
Worthy is the Lamb
Jesus' claims - He is the Son of God.
A cycle of backsliding - How to keep Him front and centre?
We should continue to seek Him and renew our minds (Romans 12).
John - exiled to Patmos at a time when the Romans were ramping up their persecution of Christians. He wanted to know what was ahead.
vs 5 - The Lion of Judah
vs 6 - The Lamb who was Slain
- This is how he answered sin and death.
'The devil swallowed up Christ. as the whale did Jonah, but it was deadly poison to him. He gave him a mortal wound in his own bowls. He was soon sick of his own morsel, and was soon obliged to do as the whale did by Jonah. To this day he is heart sick of what he then swallowed as his prey.' - Jonathan Edwards.
Jesus proved Himself worthy to control history.
vs 9 - 12
Through what He did, Jesus is in total control now.

Only two responses
- Disbelief
- Worship

It's not just a picture of heaven.

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